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No bidding, No High Outrageous Campaign Prices, Just Faster Ad Placement Directly on Many Sites at Once, For One Low Price.

Adzippy is a paradise for online advertisers who are sick of the same old Ad Neworks who charge massive amounts of money for PPC and CPC ad placements on sites that bring you little to no results.

We like to do things different around here by eliminating the PPC and CPC wars and getting our clients results by offering a flat rate for instant exposure across our own entire network of websites at once, No waiting in rotation with other sites or bidding for placements, once you subscribe to our network, you are in and will continue to be placed on all current websites in our network and future ones too without the need for additional money.  It’s really that simple!

Adzippy has a massive network of established high traffic websites that are ready to have your banner ad placed on.

How do we do it?
We are NOT your traditional ad network and unlike other networks who depend on publishers big and small (mostly small publishers) We OWN every website in our network, we have a staff of over 100 associates who update, maintain and continuously promote all of our sites in our network so that our advertisers get top notch ad exposure on a ongoing basics.

That’s not it though,  Adzippy constantly buys new established websites weekly to add to our network and that means all current advertisers and new advertisers will automatically be placed on the new websites that comes in on our ad network and that means more exposure to your ads.

Hundreds of sites

Your banner ad instantly placed on hundreds of sites at once.

Millions of views

Millions of potential customers looking at your ads.


One low price. No PPC ,CPC or additional payments required to keep your banner ad going.

Adzippy was design to be Fast, Affordable and Effective.

Get Your Ad Directly on Many Sites Instantly. It’s so easy!

Submit your banner ad. You can choose from various sizes.


Choose the duration for your banner ads, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Your ad will instantly be placed on our network of current sites and newly added sites.